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Solar Power Design & Installation

Free, No Obligation, No Pressure Solar Consultations

Home Team Energy designs and installs complete residential roof mounted solar energy systems. We’re locally owned and don’t use sub-contractors. Our crews are trained to prioritize safety and quality. We encourage homeowner involvement in every project, from start to finish, ensuring our work meets, or even exceeds, your expectations.


By filling out our contact form, we will work up your free, no pressure, no obligation solar energy quote. If the quote is intriguing, we will then setup a consulation to finalize a proposal.

Solar Energy Services

Full Service or Subcontracted Installations
We can deliver a turnkey project directly to a home owner or function as the engineering and build partner to sales organizations and developers.

Site Visit & Consultations
A successful project starts with a thorough site evaluation performed by an experienced solar energy consultant. A proper site visit will ensure a properly designed system, ultimately leading to a successful solar installation. 

Design & Engineering
Our Master Electrician designs and engineers every project. His decade of solar experience ensures a properly designed solar system. Each utility and municipality has their own unique requirements that need to be address in the design phase of the project.  

We have worked with over 100 municipalities throughout Wisconsin. We know the inspectors and their specific requirements for each solar project. 

Solar Access Laws
It’s important to know your solar rights. Wisconsin has some favorable laws that benefit homeowners. In short, no political subdivision or home owner’s association (HOA) can restrict a homeowner from installing solar on their roof. See 66.0401 and 236.292

Utility Interconnection Applications
We continually work with most Wisconsin Electric Utility Companies, from We Energies, Alliant Energy, Madison Gas & Electric, Wisconsin Public Service, and many of the WPPI Energy Affiliates. We strive to maintain positive relationships with all Utility representatives to ensure successful solar projects.

Rebates and Tax Credits
We can help obtain or guide you in claiming the various Focus on Energy Rebates (currently up to $500 per system) and Federal Tax Credits (currently 26% of Investment installed in 2021 and 2022) available to you. 

Material Procurement
We work with high quality, well-respected electrical technology brands such as LG Solar, Enphase Energy, Solar Edge, Unirac, IronRidge, Canadian Solar, Trina Solar, and more. 

We hire the best people, give them the best equipment, and hold them to the highest standards of quality. We specialize in roof mounted solar energy installations. Don’t trust your solar installation to just any electrician! 

Inspections, Service, & Maintenance
We can help with existing systems, whether we installed it or not. Our vast experience can be used to solve problems, or service most solar arrays.

Benefits of Solar Power 

  • Reduce or eliminate electricity costs for your home 
  • Produce renewable, clean energy
  • Increased property value
  • Fixed Energy Costs 
  • Protect the Environment
  • Proven Technologies
  • Neighbor Envy
  • Stop paying the utility companies
  • Energy Independence
  • Zero Down Financed Options
  • Real Time Solar Production Monitoring
  • Support backup battery systems

“Home Team Energy installed our solar system. They did an excellent job. Ryan thoroughly explained the whole process from start to finish, collaborating with our local power company. Installation was completed right on schedule. The installation crew had an extraordinary attention to detail. Great workmanship. We would unflinchingly recommend this company for your solar energy project.”

Patrick W.

Steps to Solar

Consultation Phase

(As much as you need)

  • 10 Minute Discovery Call – discuss your goals and answer initial questions. Schedule a Call here. If you’re able to provide 12 months of electric bills, that would be helpful in designing an appropriate sized system. 
  • Quote – Home Team Energy provides a quote based on discovery call and Google Earth measurements
  • Site Visit – if the quote is within reason and you’d like to consider the project further, we’ll schedule a 30 minute on site consultation to evaluate your home’s electrical system, roof, and roof structure.
  • Proposal – Home Team will provide a firm proposal for a turnkey solar energy installation. 
  • Contract – to proceed with the project, return the following: Signed Contract, 10% Deposit, Copy of Electric Bill, Proof of Homeowners Insurance.
  • Scheduling – at the time the signed contract is received, we will schedule the installation. The dates are subject to change based on material availability, but we usually keep the originally scheduled dates.

Approvals Phase

(3-4 Weeks)

  • Design Documents – Home Team completes all required design documents, included structural analysis if required by the AHJ (1-2 weeks)
  • Interconnection Application – Home Team fills out the Interconnection application documents. We will then send an email requesting your e-signature. Once completed, we will submit to the Utility Company. (2-3 weeks)
  • Permitting – Home Team will submit for all required permits (1-3 weeks, concurrent with Interconnection Application)
  • 2nd Payment – Upon Interconnection Approval and Issued Permits, the 2nd payment is due.


(1-3 weeks)

  • Materials – upon receipt of the 2nd payment, all solar equipment and electrical material will be ordered and installation date confirmed.
  • Construction – a typical residential project takes 1-3 days to complete depending on size and complexity.  We will need access to the roof, electrical panel area, and the attic in most cases.
  • Final Inspection – after the installation is complete, we will coordinate for the electrical and/or building inspector to inspect the installation and close out the permit.

Post Construction

(1-3 weeks)

  • Commissioning – depending on the utility, the commissioning (official turning on of the system).
  • Final Payment – upon commissioning, the final payment is due.
  • Rebates – Home Team Energy will process the Focus on Energy rebate (if your project qualifies)
  • Federal Tax Credit – The homeowner will work with their accountant to file for the tax credit. 
  • Monitoring – our systems come with online / app based monitoring platforms. Home Team will set up the monitoring sites/apps and send an email invitation to the homeowner to create an account and monitor their solar energy production.

“If you are looking for a company that will go above and beyond to make sure that the job is done accurately and professionally Home Team Energy is the right company. They worked during the snowfall and the freezing cold to ensure everything was perfect! The president of the company is a perfectionist which means the job will be perfect. Ryan and his team were outstanding!”

Emily R.

Solar Power FAQ


What about snow/wind/hail?

While Wisconsin weather poses a challenge to solar panels, each system is designed to withstand such weather conditions. In the 10+ years of solar energy experience, we’ve never had a solar panel or sysem damaged by weather events.

Will my roof leak?

No. We utilize only the best roof attachment and flashing methods, designed specifically for the roof we are installing on. We believe in spending a bit more money and time to ensure a leak proof solar installation. We back it all up with our 25 year roof leak warranty.

What is a typical payback?

While the payback will vary depending on the site specific conditions and system size, we typically see an 8-12 year payback. With that said, we offer financing options requiring no upfront investment resulting in an immediate payback and monthly savings. 

How long will a solar array last?

25+ Years. Most equipment comes with a 25 year manufacturer warranty, but the system should last even longer.

How much do solar panels weigh?

The solar panels themselves weigh between 35-55 lbs each, but collectively, a solar array weighs between 2.5-3.0 pounds per square foot (PSF). This includes the solar panels, racking system, microinverters, and wiring.

Does solar even work in Wisconsin?

Yes! While we get less sunlight than say Arizona, Solar Energy Systems still work well here in Wisconsin. Each system is designed to maximize the solar output of a particular location. When presenting a solar quote, we consider several site specific factors to estimate the annual solar energy production. 

Are there any rebates or incentives?

Yes. For Wisconsin residents, there are currently two rebate/incentive offerings. Wisconsin Focus on Energy offers rebates up to $500 per solar energy systems and the Federal Governement is offering a Solar Tax Credit of 26% of the purchase price. 

Aren’t Solar Panels Ugly?

Some can be, but not ours. We take pride in designing systems and selecting components that will look nice and blend in beautifully with your home. We recommend flush mount systems, symmetrical where possible, and black solar panels. 

“Ryan should be proud his company is truly professional at every level I’ve never had a better experience with a company great job all the way around.”

Robert B

To find out what solar power could do for you or your home, get in touch with a Home Team Energy through our Contact Page.