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Electric Vehicles, Charging & Resources


Electric Vehicles (EV) make up a small percentage (3.2%) of the total automotive market today, but their appeal continues to grow as the automakers expand their range, performance, and style. If you haven’t considered an EV yet, chances are you will in the next couple of years. When you do, let us install your at-home EV Charger.


Major Automakers with EV plans: 

  • Tesla is already the most well known EV in the world, delivering over 500,000 EVs in 2020, a 40% increase from 2019
  • Ford intends to start production of the F-150 Lightning, an electric version of America’s best selling vehicle, by Spring of 2022. Ford will also invest $29 Billion in EVs through 2025
  • Audi plans to have 30 electrified vehicles by 2025 and will stop producing internal combustion engine vehicles by 2033
  • Mercedes plans to introduce 10 new EV’s by the end of 2022
  • Toyota plans to launch 60 new hybrid, electric, or fuel-cell vehicles by 2025
  • GM announced it will invest $27 billion in EV’s through 2025 with the goal of eliminating diesel and gas powertrains from its light-duty lineup
    by 2035
  • BMW says 15-25% of their global sales will come from EV’s by 2025
  • Hyundai vows to have 23 EV’s worldwide by 2025
  • Jaguar plans to be all-electric by 2025
  • Land Rover promises to have 6 EV’s by the end of 2025
  • Kia promises it will have 11 EV’s in production by 2026