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Jefferson's Residential Solar Energy Experts

Take control of your energy today with a solar energy system that fits your unique needs. 

From design, through installation, and all the way to powering your home – Home Team Energy is there every step of the way.

Start on the Path to Energy Independence

There can be so much confusion around solar and other green energy alternatives. Making a bet on an expensive system can be nerve-wracking.

Studies have shown that over 85% of people polled said they would install solar if they could. At Home Team Energy, we want to make that opportunity a reality. Our team focuses on providing you the information, guidance, and support you need throughout the entire sales and installation process so you can take control of your energy without any of the hassle or confusion.

Your Steps to Solar

Design Your System

With your input, we design the system best suited to your unique situation and needs.

Build Your System

We ensure that every permit is in place and keep you updated throughout the installation process.

Energize Your System

Start powering your home with your own energy once the system is installed and inspected.

Just wanted to share my thoughts on the team that installed the solar unit on my house yesterday. They were respectful, engaging with me in the decision making process on how best to place and run the lines through my home and very helpful in understanding the steps being taken.

Richard Z.

Solar panel installation near me

How It Works

Consultation Phase

It all starts with a 10-minute call to discuss your goals and questions. With those details and Google Earth measurements, we’ll put together a quote that will make it easy to see whether solar power is a good option for you. And if it isn’t, we’ll be the first to tell you.

Once it’s clear that solar could be in your best interest, we’ll do a site visit to check your electrical system and roof to avoid surprises. We’ll then provide a firm proposal and—after you take some time to make the decision—start the process!

Design Phase

Our Master Electrician will design your specific system to meet your unique energy needs. All we need after that is your signature on a few applications and we’ll handle any and all permits required by Wisconsin.

Once it’s clear that solar could be in your best interest, we’ll do a site visit to check your electrical system and roof to avoid surprises. We’ll then provide a firm proposal and—after you take some time to make the decision—start the process!

Build Phase

With final approvals, we order the materials and arrange for our team to come out to your home for installation within a few weeks. Construction takes 1-3 days, depending on the size and complexity of the project.

Once installation is complete, we oversee one final inspection before it’s time to energize your home!

Energize Phase

Depending on your utility company, it can take up to 3 weeks to get your solar system commissioned and up and running. It all depends on when they come out and do the inspection!

We’ll then help process your Focus on Energy rebate, answer any questions you have about tax credits, and get the monitoring app set up to put you in charge of your solar energy production!

Energy Independent Add-Ons

Store Your Excess Solar

While your solar system generates your own power, you can pursue greater energy independence by having a place to store excess energy for emergencies or blackouts.

Energy Storage

Charge Your Car with Your Solar

As the automative industry pursues more electric vehicle options, you can installs the tools to charge electric vehicles direct from your solar system.

EV Chargers

Frequently Asked Questions

Does solar even work in Wisconsin weather?

While Wisconsin sees less sunlight in a year than states like Arizona, solar energy systems still provide plenty of energy year-round and can withstand harsh weather conditions like snow, wind, and hail—we’ve never had a solar panel damaged by weather events so far!

Will the weight of the system cause my roof to leak?

Solar panels weight between 35-55 lbs. each but with the proper racking system, roof attachments, and flashing methods designed specifically for your roof, there will be zero leaks. We believe in spending a bit more money, time, and attention to ensure your system does not adversely affect your rooftop.

Are there any solar incentives in Wisconsin?

There are! For Wisconsin residents, there are two rebates/incentives. The Wisconsin Focus on Energy initiative offers up to $500 in rebates on solar systems and the federal government offers a 26% Solar Tax Credit of the purchase price of your system.

Will my system still be running by the time I’ve paid it off?

More than likely, yes! We typically see investments in a solar system paid back over an 8-12 year period, and solar systems last for over 25 years! Most of the equipment ordered and installed comes with a 25-year manufacturer warranty—meaning you’ll have years of power-generating life in your paid-off panels.