Boost Your Energy Independence With Solar Battery Storage In Wisconsin

Supplement your solar system with energy storage for power anytime you need it. 

Don't Get Caught in the Dark!

Your solar system is connected to the grid. In the event of a power outage from a storm or other emergency, your panels stop generating energy for the safety of utility workers.

But when the worst happens and your solar system blacks out with the rest of the grid, you can make sure your family, home, and appliances are still taken care of with a battery storage system.

Solar Power Anytime You Need

Store Your Spare Solar Energy

Rather than exporting extra energy. Let your solar system charge your batteries.

Depend On Your Power

Keep your home and family safe and powered up no matter what.

Keep The Lights On

Avoid power outage problems like spoiled food or no heat in the winter.

Explore Your Options

Reliability matters, and you have the ability to boost that with a battery storage system added on with your solar system install. Back up your home with Enphase IQ batteries to continue powering what you need.

Depending on your preferences, you can invest in storage systems designed to keep your basics running—or your whole house—for hours during an emergency or shift you to complete self-sufficiency.

My goodness were these guys a joy to do business with. They were professional, friendly, and did good work.

Kevin Thornberg

Harvest and Store the Power of the Sun

With a solar panel system, you take control of your energy production. Rather than spending whatever a utility company charges you for their combustion-based electricity, you invest in a greener alternative that boosts the value of your property.

With a battery system, you ensure that power never goes to waste so that when the worst happens, your home and family are taken care of.