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Enjoy clean electricity and peace of mind by installing solar.

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Electric bills only go up year over year, and it can be easy to feel helpless as your power company continues to raise rates.

But with the right solar installation partner, you’re no longer at their mercy! Take control of the energy you and your family need, save on monthly costs, and power your life with cleaner, greener energy.

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Take control of your energy today with a solar panel installation that fits your
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Home Team Energy helped us design a solar energy system to meet all of our electricity needs and helped us understand the potential return on investment.

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3 Easy Steps to Solar


Once we know if solar energy is best for your situation, we’ll design a system specific to your needs.


After design, we’ll handle everything from permits through the solar panel installation and inspection.


In just 60-90 days from starting the process, your own solar energy system will be powering your home.

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By the numbers, the average homeowner without solar panels will spend over $25,000 more in electricity in 25 years than the average homeowner with solar panels. With a solar energy system, you take charge of your energy and the money you pay per month goes toward your property value-not into the pockets of the electric company.

We take pride in how we make the process as simple as possible. When you choose Home Team Energy as your solar energy provider, you avoid the confusion, save money with a local solar energy installer, and take a big step toward a greener Wisconsin.

Get Your Solar Panels Installed In Big Bend, WI

If you’re interested in installing a solar panel system for your home, you’ll want to consider hiring our professional solar installers at Home Team Energy. Not only does the process require a great deal of electrical work, but improper installation can cause electricity shocks. A poor installation could even damage your roof. In addition to these potential problems, improperly installed solar panels can also cause leaks. To avoid these problems, be sure to ask our solar contractor to install your solar panels for you.

The cost of electricity is rising every year, and solar panels can help you save money on your energy bill. Solar panels also help reduce your carbon footprint and increase the value of your home. Installing solar panels begins with determining if your home is a good candidate. South-facing homes with few trees or other obstructions blocking sunlight are the best. You’ll also need a roof in good condition to support the weight of the panels.

Hire Our Solar Installers In Big Bend, WI

The installation of a solar panel system can take anywhere from a 2-4 weeks to install. This depends on several factors, including the size of your property and the cost of electricity in your area. You can expect a return on investment of about 20% in the first year after installing the panels. To help you save money and get a quicker ROI, you can also take advantage of federal and local incentives.

Longevity is an important factor to consider in determining the quality of a solar panel. While degradation is inevitable, with proper care and maintenance, solar panels can last decades. Here are a few tips to ensure the longevity of your solar panels: Keep them clean, keep them away from shade, and monitor the energy output. Some obstructions, like trees, can significantly reduce your solar panel’s production. Regular cleaning and inspection can extend the life of your panels. Contact Home Team Energy for a free quote today!

What They’re Saying
Dean Le Blanc
Dean Le Blanc
We contracted with Home Team Energy for our residential solar panel project. Our experience was wonderful (excellent communication, fair pricing, and professional installation) and I highly recommend for your solar needs. Thank you Home Team Energy!
Used Home Team Energy for Home Solar Installation. Very impressed with this company. I had 3 prior solar evaluations and quotes. What sold me on Home Team Energy is the ability to answer all my questions in an efficient manner. Ryan Lettau, the president of Home Team Energy, was the one who evaluated my home and was the primary contact person from Home Team. I was very particular on the conduit run placement, solar panel placement and he was able to design the project to meet my needs. He is also the only person who physically got on my roof to measure my roof dimensions. I must have emailed him 15 times over a one month period regarding broad ranging solar questions. He usually got back to me within a 6 hour window with detailed answers that usually triggered more questions from me. In the end I felt I fully understood the solar project, interface with WE energy, net metering etc... The other companies that I decided not to go with would send a representative to my home who really did not know all the facets of the installation and the interfaces. Often my questions with those companies would be answered after the representative checked with someone higher up or the engineers. I never felt my questions were answered fully and usually would be answered in about 1-2 weeks. My experience with Ryan was exactly the opposite. I thought the price point was fair and consistent with other companies but the willingness to customize my installation to my liking far exceeded other companies. Home team has more of a "can do" approach instead of a "can't do" or "I don't know" approach. The installation took about 2 days. Stefan was the project manager for the installation. He was very meticulous and made sure that the plan was followed. He was on-site and involved in the installation from start to finish. He also fielded a lot of questions from me and seemed open to hearing them. The other workers were courteous and engaged. I can't say enough good things about this company. I would recommend them highly. I plan to use them in the future for other electrical problems/projects.
Andy Olson
Andy Olson
Nothing but good things to say about Home Team. I had initial reservations going off of feedback from friends and family on their solar install with competing companies. So glad I found Home Team as the installation could not have gone better. It was quick, clean, and extremely professional. The owner, project manager, and installation crew were all professional, thorough, courteous, and responsive. The installation could not have gone any better. Thank you Home Team.
DennisSandra Anderson
DennisSandra Anderson
Home Team Energy Company recently installed solar panels on our roof. Ryan promptly answered all of our questions and concerns. The installers were professional and friendly. When the WI Electric inspector commissioned our system he remarked that Home Team Energy did a great job on installation.
Tim Pierce
Tim Pierce
Home Team Energy just completed a solar installation for us and we are super impressed with the final product. This was a larger system and the crew was in and out in 3 days with a clean and tidy installation. We're happy to be producing some of our own power and glad Home Team Energy was willing to work with us. Definitely give Ryan a call if you are looking for a solar project.
Dick Wade
Dick Wade
We would highly recommend Home Team Energy! Our initial contact with Ryan Lettau, to the work done by their team was exceptional! Home Team was committed to us from the start to get our system completed. The company culture was refreshing to see. Our TEAM, with Stephan and his TEAM, was committed to doing the the job and us right. It showed throughout the work they performed, friendly, on time, clean and professional.They kept us informed, explaining and updating us as the job progressed. BRAVO!! Home Team is the real deal!
Joe Maier
Joe Maier
Home Team Energy was wonderful to work with. They were very responsive and helpful when we had questions and during the installation. Highly recommend this company for solar panels installation!!
Doug T Spencer
Doug T Spencer
Outstanding customer service! Even though Home Team Energy was not the company that installed my panels, Ryan took my call and spent many minutes with me to answer questions and give advice. If I could go back in time, Home Team would have been my solar panel company.
Lowell Laforge
Lowell Laforge
Ryan was excellent to work with, quick to follow up and the work was done in a very professional manner. It was a pleasure to work with him.
Mark Hackbarth
Mark Hackbarth
Great company! Thanks Ryan,