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Solar Panel Installation In Glendale, WI

Enjoy clean electricity and peace of mind by installing solar.

Solar Energy

Energy Storage

EV Charging

Avoiding the Rising Costs of Dirty Energy

Electric bills only go up year over year, and it can be easy to feel helpless as your power company continues to raise rates.

But with the right solar installation partner, you’re no longer at their mercy! Take control of the energy you and your family need, save on monthly costs, and power your life with cleaner, greener energy.

Your Solar Investment

Take control of your energy today with a solar panel installation that fits your
unique needs

Wisconsin Solar Energy Installer

Gets You Access to Cleaner Energy

Wisconsin Solar Panel Installer

Gives You Control of Your Power

Milwaukee Solar Panel Installation

Lowers Your Overall Spending

Home Team Energy helped us design a solar energy system to meet all of our electricity needs and helped us understand the potential return on investment.

Robert Schulz

Brookfield Solar Panel Installation

3 Easy Steps to Solar


Once we know if solar energy is best for your situation, we’ll design a system specific to your needs.


After design, we’ll handle everything from permits through the solar panel installation and inspection.


In just 60-90 days from starting the process, your own solar energy system will be powering your home.

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Go Solar - Simply

By the numbers, the average homeowner without solar panels will spend over $25,000 more in electricity in 25 years than the average homeowner with solar panels. With a solar energy system, you take charge of your energy and the money you pay per month goes toward your property value-not into the pockets of the electric company.

We take pride in how we make the process as simple as possible. When you choose Home Team Energy as your solar energy provider, you avoid the confusion, save money with a local solar energy installer, and take a big step toward a greener Wisconsin.

Get Your Solar Panels Installed In Grafton, WI

There are many steps involved in installing a solar panel system. First, a solar installer will prepare your roof for installation. They will place electrical wiring and build the racking for solar panels. This racking is then secured to the roof and tested for safety. Then, the solar panel installer will place the panels in the racking and connect the panels to the inverter.

After the contractor has designed the system, they will apply for permits from the local building department. The entire process can take anywhere from two to four weeks. While this takes place, your solar installer keeps track of this process and will begin ordering parts and system components as needed. The two most essential components of any solar system are the solar panels and the inverter.

Let Us Install Your Solar Panels In Grafton, WI

Installing a solar panel system is a big investment and can result in a large amount of money. However, you can get a significant tax break from the federal government by using a tax credit. The costs of installing a solar panel system vary depending on the size of the system. The bigger the system, the more equipment, and materials it requires. In addition to the equipment, there are ongoing operational costs, such as monitoring and inspections.

Before you select a solar panel for installation, you should first consider how much electricity you plan to generate. The higher the efficiency of the solar panel, the more electricity it will produce. Furthermore, the more efficient solar panels require less space and can generate more electricity per watt.

When you plan to use solar panels for home energy, you’ll want to consider the cost of installing them. Upfront costs are typically the highest portion of solar panel installation costs. Solar panel installation prices can vary greatly, and they depend on a variety of factors, including the size and quality of the solar panels. Contact Home Team Energy for more information!

What They’re Saying
Cory Farrell
Cory Farrell
Great service. They took care of everything from contacting WE Energies and the city to timely set up and cleaning up after the job.
Jaclyn de Medicci Bruneau
Jaclyn de Medicci Bruneau
Ryan at Home Team stood out from the beginning with a solid, reasonable initial proposal. We met with Ryan (and a couple other companies, just to be sure) and he was informative, took the time to explain everything clearly, and answered our many questions with patience. We appreciated his honesty as well; we weren't sure we needed battery storage and Ryan assessed we did not- which would have nearly doubled the cost of the project. A less honest company would have tried to convince us we did need them for the bigger project profit. Ryan also had prepared a detailed breakdown (and recorded a video walkthrough!) of our system, what we can expect, and options of a lower cost system or higher cost, with pros and cons listed for each. His install team was prompt, polite, and hardworking, and kept us informed of progress daily. Hire Home Team with full confidence they are an honest, reputable company with great communication and delivery.
Catherine Schernecker
Catherine Schernecker
We reached out to Home Team with the intent of eventually putting in solar. After only a few communications with Ryan we quickly decided to go for it. Ryan did an amazing job answering all our questions. He is extremely knowledgeable and provided easy to understand answers. The entire team was professional and great to work with. Even if you're not sure you want solar yet, I recommend reaching out and at least starting the conversation.
Firooz Ghanbarzadeh
Firooz Ghanbarzadeh
It was such an amazing experience working with Home Team Energy. Everything was delivered with quality, on time and on budget with professionalism. I cannot emphasize enough the great experience that we had. We highly recommend them for the solar energy projects. They installed our residential solar power system in about 3 months, from contract to turn up.
Dave Ortin
Dave Ortin
Thank you Home Team Energy Installed Sept 5th and 6th Your process in consulting us for a potential solar project was top notch. From reviewing our needs and then quoting our project was done in a timely and HONEST manner. We had others quote this project as well and found your truthfulness and professionalism was our deciding factor in choosing Home Team Energy. The install team was efficient and their work product was impeccable. Working in 90°+ weather for 2 consecutive days with no complaints, I quote one of the younger installers "This is our job" this was echoed by the others. I can not wait for the utility company to commission the project. I will update this with more once the project is commissioned.
Chris Dinwiddie
Chris Dinwiddie
Had a good experience working with the team at Home Team Solar. Not only was it well priced, but there were very transparent about all of our options and what those would cost. They didn't try and force us into long term solar financing as some of the other proposals did, but instead gave us the options with the pros and cons. The actual install went very smoothly, and they communicated with us a lot about the process. Even came out to make a small correction on something that they noticed was slightly off from the pictures. I would use this business again, and recommend anyone thinking about solar to get a proposal from them.
Matthew Weyer
Matthew Weyer
I would give them 6 stars if possible. They were incredibly thorough, responsive, and organized. They were able to seamlessly install 2 solar systems on both my house and my neighbors in the same 2 day window. Ryan will also respond to messages after the install should questions arise (I just bought a Tesla the year after the solar install and he was a great resource for charging options/optimization). They are the only company I think of or recommend when it comes to solar installs in the Milwaukee Metro.
Judy Knoernschild
Judy Knoernschild
5 Star and then some! I was left without a solar company when Moxie Solar went bankrupt. Home Team promptly answered the call for help and has gone above and beyond. Their service and quality are excellent and they work quickly. Simply amazing!
Dean Le Blanc
Dean Le Blanc
We contracted with Home Team Energy for our residential solar panel project. Our experience was wonderful (excellent communication, fair pricing, and professional installation) and I highly recommend for your solar needs. Thank you Home Team Energy!