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EV Charging Station Installation In Wisconsin

Expand your solar power system with an electric vehicle charger

Keep Up With the Future of Vehicles!

Through electric vehicles are still a small percentage of the total automotive market, their appeal grows every year.

As more automakers expand their range of electric vehicles, having a solar powered Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger helps replace your gasoline bills with your own generated energy.

Expand Your Solar Power System

Charge Your Car with the Sun

Double up on your solar investment replacing your utility AND fuel bills.

Get Ahead of the Trends

Automakers plan on major EV investments by 2025. Make sure you’re set to benefit.

Track Your EV’s Charge Stats

With the help of apps, you can have complete control over how and when your EV charges.

Estimations of the Industry

Tesla’s the major name in the electric vehicle industry, but all the major automakers have intentions of offering EVs in the next decade:

  • GM announced $27B in EV investments through 2025.
  • Audi plans to have 30 electrified vehicles by 2025.
  • BMW plans on 15-25% of their global sales to come from EV’s by 2025.
  • Jaguar plans to be all-electric by 2025.
Solar EV Charging
Home Team Energy installed a level 2 car charger in our home. We can charge our plug-in car in under 2 hours now (vs 12 hours). The Home Team Energy team are personal, courteous and did a great job. I feel confident using them for any future electrical needs and hope to use them in the future to install some solar!!

Taylor P.

Charge Your Car With Your Own Solar System

At Home Team Energy, we’re here to help you become fully energy independent through solar power systems. In the future, when more electric vehicles are on the market, it’s going to be useful to have a way to charge them yourself.

With an additional investment of an EV Charger – powered by your solar system – you not only swap from dirty electricity generated through coal burning, you swap from dirty fuels like gasoline to a cleaner way to fuel your car. We’re here to help you build a simple-to-operate system that puts you on the path of true energy independence.